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Alta productividad

  • Axes fast speed 48m / min and acceleration 1G axis.
  • The IDD spindle is capable of high acceleration and pressure to extend tool life.
  • The ATC unit is built with a design of turret type. It only takes 1.5 seconds to go from G or T.

Alto nivel para la utilización de espacio.

  • The table has a 650mm X 400mm measures.
  • The maximum load is 250kg.
  • Able to adapt to quadruple axis rotary table or accessories to increase productivity thereby extending the life cycle of the tool.

Extendiendo el ciclo de vida de la herramienta.

  • YMC equipped with high-precision spindle with a low rate of vibration and looked.

Comodidad de manejo

  • The FANUC Control 0iMD effectively combines high speed, high precision and high efficiency.
  • It can be equipped with a robotic arm to accommodate automation requirements.

Alta eficiencia en la eliminación de la viruta

  • Database design inclined type for easy removal of chips.
  • The spindle equipped with discharge pipe cutter for easy removal of the chips.
  • Coolant tank oversized design increasing the capacity of chips discarded.


Único husillo IDD

  • The NVS series with 12,000rpm and 22kW spindle design combined with idd angular contact ceramic sphere to provide excellent axial and radial stiffness of court.
  • Idd single spindle design offers low vibration and optimum thermal insulation resulting in a surface with an excellent finish maximizing the life expectancy of the spindle in adverse conditions.

Diseños de estructuras de alta solidez

  • The guide roller and heavy frame is ideal for jobs requiring high metal removal rate.
  • Extra large machine column for delta
  • Engine cover one piece
  • Large distance between guides
  • Advanced design with reinforced body structure through finite element analysis, the NSV offers excellent cutting rigidity and vibration reduction to meet increased demand for machining.

Reliable Tool Magazine System

  • Column mounted design minimizes vibration during tool change
  •  Standard tool magazine 30T
  • Optional 48 / 60T store servo driven tools available
  •  Optional automatic shield chip is available


Diseño de alta rigidez

  • The rigid body construction makes for precision and uncompromising rigidity.
  • FEM analysis is adopted to ensure the best available and rib massive construction machine for constant stability under high load of heavy duty cutting.
  • 3 Axis Design Direct Drive
  • Direct Drive provides clearance, better accuracy, reliability and stability.
  • All AC servomotor equipped with axial absolute position encoders, nonzero return.

Herramineta de alta estabilidad

  • ATC system absolute encoder provides great stability and speed.
  • Controlled inverter prevents the rate of change of tool change under different supply frequency.
  • The rate of change of tool can be programmed to heavy tools, prob.

Herramienta automática Re-vista con Diseño en la Puerta

  • Driven by pneumatic cylinder.
  • Prevents chips from entering the coolant and tool magazine.

Husillo IDD YMC

  • Unclamping tool pad extends the life of the bearing spindle by spindle bearing protection tool breakout force.
  • Spindle cooling system (opt.) Removes the heat efficiently and minimizes the thermal deformation.
  • Ceramic bearings low inertia mass characteristics under centrifugal force, high rigidity and low thermal deformation.
  • High precision helical springs provides high dynamic balance and low vibration.
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